1. Exclusively online

The registration of the 3rd call of the National Contest for Admissions will be exclusively online.
It is compulsory to read the notice in advance.


2. Dates

3rd Call
Start: 17/10/2022 at 10:00
End: 20/10/2022 at 16:30

Students who do not enrol in this period lose their place.

3. Credentials

To authenticate yourself on the portal, you must use the same credentials (user and password) as the CNA application that were provided by DGES.
Students who are registered in the FEP information system (SIGARRA) must use the respective credentials.

4. Exceptions to online enrolment/registration

The candidates who in their application:

a) have no associated identity document
b) are non-Community nationals

will have to schedule face-to-face service that will have to occur in the following period:

18/10/2022: 09h30 – 12h00

For this purpose they should send an email to the Academic Services (sa_lic@fep.up.pt) with the title “CNA – Atendimento Presencial”. On the scheduled day and time candidates must bring their identification document and/or prove that they are family members of Portuguese or nationals of a member state of the European Union (according to the notice).

5. Register online

Step-by-step manual
Enrolment / Registration

6. After registration

Registration and enrolment certificates
Learn how to request a registration or enrolment certificate, if you need it.

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Multipurpose declaration
It is also possible to request a multi-purpose declaration if you need to.

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Students will be assigned to classes by the Academic Services. When this process is completed the class can be consulted in the schedule.

Students should send an email to gmc@fep.up.pt to receive their welcome kit and to clarify any questions regarding the functioning of the college.