Beginning of teaching activities

20th September

all programmes (except 1st year bachelor students)

6th October

1st year bachelor students

Academic Calendar

In 2021/22 the teaching activities in FEP will be carried out in a face-to-face regime.

The main information related to the functioning of the classes is available in SIGARRA, through authentication (access credentials generated at registration).


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Note: to see the “Timetable” option, click on the “+” sign (magnifying glass) next to the course name


Students will be assigned to classes by the Academic Services and will only be able to attend classes in person in the group to which they have been assigned, even if there are free places in the classrooms; this is the only way to ensure, in general, that the number of students in class is compatible with the rules of distance and that close and frequent contact groups are of limited size.

Distance learning

To support classes that may take place at a distance, different applications will be used, which integrate with SIGARRA and Moodle.

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Students section


All the information related to the courses is available in SIGARRA, namely the Professors who teach them, objectives, programme, type of evaluation, bibliography, etc.

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Location of rooms

You can see the location of the different rooms in SIGARRA, or through the virtual visit that FEP has prepared for you.

Virtual tour

Institutional email

The institutional email is one of the most important channels of communication and by this way the U.Porto communicates with its students, sending information, invitations for events and initiatives, and much more. We therefore advise you to check the access to institutional email after enrolment.
The email service for new students is available on the Microsoft Office365 platform.